Angel Wings Black Glue


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Purpose: Classic and Volume.
Fumes: Low. Under any circumstances do not use on opened eyes!
Sensitivity and allergy: good for sensitive clients. Not allowed to use on clients who previously experienced allergic reaction to any eyelash extension glue.
Viscosity: Thin liquid, flexible while curing. Oil and water resistant when cured.
Drying time: average 0.5-1 sec, depends on the room temperature and humidity. Additional chemicals’ presence may speed-up or spoil the glue bond. Beware of such factors as:
– nail or hair technicians’ chemicals around;
– wet or freshly colored hair;
– cigarette smoke, alcohol fumes or their remainders;
– rough perfume etc.
Storage requirements: t=23°C and lower, dry, dark room. Keep away from direct sunlight. Can be stored in the refrigerator or fridge as-is, no vacuum bottles etc. needed.
Shelf life unopened: up to 15 months from the date on the bottle under perfect storage conditions.
Shelf life opened: up to 3 months under perfect storage/usage conditions. Practice shows it is best to change your glue between 1 and 2 months! Then it may become too fast. With tightly closed lid AW glue can be stored in the fridge between working days.
Recommended drop change: every 10-20 min in hot and (or) humid room up to to 60 min under normal conditions.